PRESS RELEASE, 12.12.2016

Denny takes on the world!
The first two apps of ​​​Denny® Apps application family, the gamified learning app Denny® The Tooth, and its companion app Denny® Timer, have been launched for global distribution. 

Denny® The Tooth is a cute virtual tooth, who teaches kids through fun interaction – activities, playing and taking care of Denny – how to take better care of their own teeth and what is good for teeth in general. The paid premium app is available at a holiday special price of 1,99€ until January 15, 2017 .

Denny® Timer is a visually instructive, animated timer that teaches children how to brush their teeth properly and thoroughly during the recommended 2-minute time. Denny® Timer also makes brushing teeth more fun! Denny® Timer is available for download for free.

Dental health experts and research in app development 

Denny® Apps have been developed in co-operation with dental health experts. Already during the Beta-stage, research was an integral part of development: the research was conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Dentistry at the University of Oulu. 

The results from the families with children highlight that nearly 90% of children and their parents found Denny to be beneficial: it is educational & motivational pass time and worthwhile gaming. Denny increases children’s interest in dental care and teaches them how to take better care of their teeth. In addition 90% of children, who used Denny® Timer, learnt to brush their teeth better and longer.

The results are significant. They reveal that the STeHS ( innovation award winning application concept works in practice. As pointed out by children's healthcare professionals, Denny is the much needed new way to increase children's interest towards dental care. Denny teaches positive attitudes and right habits for dental health already at an early age – something which at best have health benefits throughout a child's whole adult life. 
From Finland to global markets 

Denny® The Tooth and Denny® Timer are available in Finnish and English versions for Android-smartphones at Google Play and for  iPhone at the App Store. New language versions will be released regularly for kids around the world.

The actual launch and marketing of the apps will begin in January 2017, with partners both in Finland and foreign markets. The market potential of apps that are in global distribution is huge. Children's dental health is an important issue and affects kids all over the world. 

Ikoni, Denny and EduDigi

With Denny® Apps, Ikoni Innovations is a corporate participant in the European Union EduDigi Program.

The EduDigi program seeks solutions for how to better apply game technologies in teaching and learning. The project focuses on digitalisation, introducing new technologies in education and sharing the latest research findings from the gaming industry – with the aim of encouraging lifelong learning

The program will result in a working and expanding innovation environment, which will support the development and breakthrough of applications such as Denny. 

With global distribution and partnerships, Denny is ready to take on the world.

“​Nearly 90% of children and their parents found Denny® The Tooth to be beneficial and 90% of children learnt to brush their teeth better and longer with Denny® Timer.”

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